On April 7th, 2019, PARACOSMIC joined the Ability Fest family, a one-day festival hosted by the Dylan Alcott Foundation & Untitled Group that used music as an inclusive platform to normalise disability at the Coburg Velodrome, known better as Melbourne’s favourite concrete donut. Jayson Vu, director of our company has a strong passion when it comes to working with people with disabilities. "As part of VCAL, I spent one day a week pushing Gary, a 24yo young man who was in a wheelchair and was unable to talk around Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre. Spending time with Gary, opened my world and my heart more as I connected with him on a deeper level words cannot describe. It was a connection, human to human. I find great joy working with people like Gary and so when the opportunity to be at Ability Fest arose, I was all over the moon. We had a great time lighting up everyone's world at this festival and we look forward to being back again next year." 100% OF OUR PROCEEDS HAS GONE TOWARDS DYLAN ALCOTT FOUNDATIONS TO HELP YOUNG AUSTRALIANS WITH DISABILITIES.

$750 from PARACOSMIC has helped young people with disabilities achieved their dreams.