A man with a vision, created the coolest rave store in Melbourne

PARACOSMIC was founded in early 2019 by Jayson Vu, a man that has an amazing passion and energy for the rave scene. Since 2012, he has been serving the rave community, quickly becoming well known through his role as a Q-dance Ambassador. In 2014, however, Jayson took this to another level. Not only was he the #1 Australian Ambassador for that year, but the only one to ever achieve that title outside of New South Wales.

Through the whole rave family way of connecting with random people one meets on the dancefloor, he was blown away when he was given his first pair of kaleidoscope glasses! His world turned upside down when he experienced what could only be called the BEST laser show had ever seen so far, all through the lens of these glasses! Jayson had a visual journey of wonderful colours & geometric patterns and he instantly fell in love with it. Oh boy, he thought, should I keep all this to myself? Definitely not! With all the love & ideas he wanted to share, Jayson's new mission was to give all ravers across Australia the opportunity to explore this whole new world he had just discovered. Adding light up toys to the fun, together these items created the birth of an awesome rave store.

Since the launch, PARACOSMIC has proven itself as a brand quite popular as a one stop shop’ for ravers all over Australia. Our Cosmic Crew are actually directly responsible for bringing crazy lightshows and heaps of laughter to thousands of party animals already. Maybe you have even seen them yourself if you have attended music events such as Paradigm Festival, Evolve Melbourne or Shadows Of Wonderland? Or perhaps one of the many Hard Kandy club shows? If not, you definitely will very soon, lighting up many more festivals across this season!

PARACOSMIC have huge plans for the future, aiming to become THE leading rave brand in Australia. Offering the rave family an amazingly diverse collection of merchandise, accessories and apparel, this WILL enhance the full raving experience. Join us, come along for the ride as we embark on this cosmic journey, all made accessible simply through the actual real crystal lenses in our kaleidoscope glasses.

PARACOSMIC Pop Up Marquee Store at Luft 2019