A man with a vision, created the coolest rave store in Melbourne

PARACOSMIC kicked off in early 2019, thanks to the unstoppable passion and energy of Jayson Vu, a true rave enthusiast. Since 2012, he's been rocking the rave scene and earned fame as a Q-dance Ambassador. But in 2014, Jayson took it up a notch. Being the top Australian Ambassador that year was cool, but being the ONLY one outside of New South Wales? Mind-blowing!

One fateful night, Jayson had a life-changing encounter on the dancefloor. A stranger gifted him a pair of kaleidoscope glasses, and bam! His world turned upside down. The BEST laser show he'd ever seen came alive through those lenses. Dazzling colors, mind-bending patterns‚ÄĒJayson was head over heels. He couldn't keep this enchanting experience to himself. No way! With loads of love and ideas to share, Jayson set out on a mission to introduce every Aussie raver to this unexplored universe. And thus, the ultimate rave store was born, complete with glow toy fun!

From day one, PARACOSMIC has rocked the scene as the go-to destination for Aussie ravers. Our Cosmic Crew has been spreading joy and lighting up the party landscape at music events like Paradigm Festival, Esoteric Festival, and Shadows Of Wonderland. Maybe you've crossed paths with them at one of the epic Hard Kandy club shows? If you haven't, trust us, you will soon! We've got plenty more festivals to set on fire this season!

But here's the kicker: PARACOSMIC isn't stopping there. Our goal? To be the unrivaled rave brand in Australia! We're bringing you an outrageously diverse range of merchandise, accessories, and apparel that will take your raving experience to new heights. Join us on this cosmic journey, powered by the real crystal lenses in our kaleidoscope glasses. Let's make every rave a mind-blowing adventure!