Hai, I’m Madison!

You may have seen me around. You’ll often see me at either a hardstyle or techno event!

I love flowing with my light whip, I’ve even scored a few gigs performing with it. You can catch me on insta/tiktok @maddie_moon13

Hey! I'm Heather, owner of Rave Baby AU - a festival brand based in melbourne! I've been working for Paracosmic at their popup stalls since November ‘23. I looove psy, techno, and hardstyle, and you’ll usually find me at raves and doofs goofing around with poi or my light whip. when I'm not raving, you’ll find me djing in my bedroom, making kandi, practicing flow art, and buying more rave tickets lol

Connect with me! on all socials.

Hi fellow Paracosmic Stars! My name is Elizer, aka mr plushie guy!

I have been in the rave scene since 2019 and I love going every raves as it has been part of my life. My very first rave was Shadows of Wonderland 19’ and that event made me fall in love in raw/hardcore and euphoric hardstyle! I am still a beginner glover so you can ask me for a light show, I love giving people shoulder rides and last of all as part of what I give out to the rave community is plushies! If you see me with plushies, do expect to get one or trade with me! If you have any questions about myself or any rave related things, feel free to talk to me!!

Hey guys! I’m Phi, born and bred in Adelaide Australia. I make rave content on social media! I’ve been in the rave scene since 2017, with my first rave being DQ1! My all time favorite rave has to be midnight mafia as a whole. I love meeting new people in the rave scene and can’t wait to also see you there too!

(I'm really bad at introductions)

Hello fellow star dusts, My name is Nadine or Kandee (DJ name). I've been raving since 2016 and started Djing in 2023. I'm a dedicated kandi kid and I've been making kandi since my first event which was rocket science 10. I've also been flowing with my whip for about 6 years now. If you see me at events don't be scared to come up and say hi or trade kandi!!!!

Hey everyone! I'm Ash, a festival enthusiast & OG Paracosmic ambassador since the start of 2022. I'm all about good vibes and good music, with my heart torn in two by Psytrance & Hardstyle. I love using a variety of flow toys, especially tech fans & silk fans - recently been progressing into fire fans, however I started my flow journey with the lightwhip!

Find me on TikTok: @ravewithash

Always keen for a flow sesh, so if you see me out and about come say hi!

Hi I’m Niamh.

I’ve been on the scene since Karnival 2023 and I have barely missed an event since my favorite genres are Hardstyle, Techno and Trance. You won’t see me without my light whip which I started in August 2023. I love to make people smile at the rave and enjoy giving out Kandi bracelets. If you see my minion backpack at a rave, come say hi!

Helloooooo I'm Olivia! 💖

I've been raving since 2017 and flowing since 2018! My favorite genres are Hardstyle and Trance. I do love to give everyone an amazing experience at raves with my light shows. I am also that raver who makes fibre optic costumes for fun 😊💖 Don't be shy and come up to me to say hi! Tiktok: @ravemage1

Hey! I'm Caitlin, mastering the arts of whip, fans, flags, and various poi, with a soft spot for staff (yes, still learning). My playlist? A mix of DNB, minimal, and psytrance. My festival bucket list? From the dust of Burning Man to the fields of Tomorrowland. I'm also launching my TikTok soon, so watch this space! Music isn't just a hobby; it's my world. When I'm not at festivals, I'm singing, writing, or recording my own tunes. And when it's quiet, I'm surrounded by my 10 beloved animals. Always open for a chat or to share stories—I'm excited to learn about the incredible journeys of our team members. Let's connect and make some unforgettable memories!

Hi all! I’m Alyssa, been in the rave scene for a while now and won’t be out of it for a very long time. I enjoy making Kandi perlers as a side hobby and have been gloving for nearly about a year now! You may have seen me around on TikTok @aalyssalm or at rave meet ups. I love giving the full experience to my first time raver friends out there and making it the most memorable one for them. Don’t be shy to say hi if you see me around, we’re all here to have a good time.

I'm Jennifer, and you might see me around on TikTok (jjenniferlam) or in the rave scene! I've been part of the rave community since 2019, and there's no stopping me anytime soon. I like to refer to myself as a "kandi fairy," as I make it a mission to meet as many of you as possible and spread PLUR like it's my pixie dust. I am dedicated to upholding and promoting PLUR because I believe that our safe space is just as important as mine. If you spot a girl with a chain full of kandi, that's likely me, so please don't hesitate to say hi! I would be thrilled to meet you. A mantra I live by: "I'm so glad you're here!" Sending virtual hugs and kisses ❤️

Hello I'm Alistair.

Since my first rave in 2021, I have straight up become an addict. I found myself becoming a fiend for lightshows and flowarts and felt maybe instead of just being a lightshow parasite, maybe I should start gloving myself 🧤 🤣 I try go to as many hardstyle and trance events as I can (and even techno from time to time) so if you see me, come say hi and let me send you to space 😁🚀 I also have Tik Tok where you can check out some of my shows and random rave posts yourself 😊 @alistairpace

Hi, I'm Zach Hansen, but you can call me Zach.

As a Glover, I love creating light shows that blow minds. My playlist? A mix of Raw, Hardcore, Euphoric, Melodic Bass, Psy Trance, Hard Techno, and DnB. Dreaming big with festivals on my bucket list like Qlimax, Intents, Thunderdome, Defqon, EDC, Tomorrowland, and Let it Roll. Catch me for a chat or a light show anytime!

Hey Raw Fienzzz, Im Hiep (Hip) and also known as TikTok: MELBOURNEGOKUHAKKS

Originally from Brisbane, Migrating to Melbourne was the best. Amazing og Asher Sage Clarke to get me on board with Paracosmics, without her help I wouldn’t have been able to reach the rave to my friends and followers how amazing products are, plus the benefits with $discounts.

My Favourite Genre of Hardstyle is Raw, Raw and Raw. But I do love and appreciate everything else. Lately I have been ‘offline’ to work on something that’ll branch out my new ‘Logo’ and Amazing …Cover Works with Djs..coming soon. Knockout 2022<2023

As for me, the one thing you should remember is Chef Hiep 🙂 cookin at the rave and in your kitchen.

Helloo, I’m NC! ✨

You might have spotted me in the crowd, especially where the hardstyle beats drop! Next up for me is Shadows of Wonderland 👀. It's been a minute since my last event. I've been vibing with the scene since 2019 👵🏻. When it comes to muzzing and gloving, that’s all me 🫡. Catch my moves and more on Instagram/TikTok @it_me_nc.

Hi treasures! I'm Maria, a festival enthusiast with few creative talents to spark up my light shows with a lightship, silk fan, puppyhamemers. As I could never find the right outfit for raving I started to create my own outfits and decor to match the events i like to go to. I adore all types of music, although I favour hardstyle and Psy most ♥️🫶

Join in my mostly melbourne adventures at @psykheflow on instagram and tik tok
You will find a lot of light shows, festival adventures and diy creations.

Hey there! I'm Jeremy, but you might know me as “Symmetry” in the rave scene. For the past decade, starting from my days as a glover to now taking the stage at local festivals and shows, I've been deeply immersed in the EDM community. While I have a love for all things EDM, it's hardstyle that truly captures my heart. Looking forward to seeing many of you at upcoming events!

Hey! I'm Jaidyn Turl, but you might know me as turlygloves on TikTok.

Melbourne born and bred, I was brought into the vibrant world of Paracosmic thanks to Asher Sage Clarke and Ally Flows. It's been a thrill introducing my friends to the joys of raving and gloving, not to mention hooking them up with some cool discounts. Hardstyle holds a special place in my heart, especially raw and uptempo, but you'll also catch me shuffling to happy hardcore. Raving isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle that's all about spreading PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect). Remember, what you put out into the world comes back to you.

Let's connect on socials: Jaidynturl003.

See you out there!

Hi, I'm Jenny! A decade into raving since Godskitchen 2015, my love for the scene took me from Melbourne to chasing festivals across Europe, hitting Tomorrowland, Defqon.1 NL, Ultra Croatia, and more. I'm all about trance, psytrance, hardstyle, and techno—minus DNB and dubstep🤮

When I'm not shuffling or sewing festival outfits, you'll find me playing piano covers as @theravingpianist🎹, cooking🧑‍🍳, or diving into mental health podcasts🧠. Currently, I'm a merchandise consultant at Merchcode and part of the Paracosmic HQ team, dreaming of creating a carbon-neutral, zero-waste music festival. Catch me on Insta @jenny.shenanigans. Excited to collaborate with you all!😋

Hey y’all, my name is Liem and you might’ve seen me here and there at events or whatnot. Got into the trance/hardstyle/techno scene a few years back and love the unique art style it brings, which allowed me to pick up gloving on the way. Keen to see what everyone can bring to the community!

Instagram: @liempham_

TikTok: @Spektra_