7 Real Reasons Ravers Fail To Retire
Music festivals are an escape from normal life. They provide a place for people to immerse themselves in culture and music while forgetting about their daily lives for the weekend. However, why do so many ravers keep saying "brah I'm retiring, this is my last event" but never do? Here are 7 reasons to why people find it hard to quit the raving lifestyle.
1. A friend bought them a ticket
Many people say that they are going to retire from attending music festivals, but when their squad buy them tickets for an upcoming event, they end up going. This may be due to the fact that it is hard to say no to your crew and also because they do not want to miss out on the experience.
Image: Karnival Outdoor Festival Flyer - HSU Events Facebook Page
2. The lineup looks amazing
Festivals boast some of the most incredible lineups that anyone could ever imagine seeing in their lifetime. These performers can include world famous DJs or bands from all over the globe who play every genre imaginable under one roof! The fact that many music festivals have high profile artists on multiple days makes going even more enticing since there will be so much good tune throughout the entire event. This means ravers cannot miss any acts if possible due to variety overload, which keeps them coming back for more.
3. They are in the festival spirit
Once people attend their first music festival, they become infected with the "festival spirit." This is a feeling that cannot be described but can only be experienced by being part of the crowd at an event. It makes people feel happy, free, and connected to everyone around them. Once ravers catch this bug, it's hard to get rid of- even if they say they're retiring!
4. The friends they've made are there
Attending a music festival is not just about seeing incredible artists perform live on stage- it is also about meeting new and exciting people from all over the world. These connections are what make festivals so special and unforgettable. When someone says they are retiring they may be referring to their friends who they have made at music festivals, which makes it really hard for them to leave since there is a bond between all of them.
Epik Sydney Showground 2021 by HSU Events - Rave Hardstyle Hard Dance
Image: Epik Sydney Showground 2021 - HSU Events Facebook
5. People cannot resist the high energy
Many people say that EDM and rave culture make you feel like you've taken drugs because of how euphoric everyone around you becomes on the dance floor! It's common knowledge that attending these events will give ravers an adrenaline rush as well as some endorphins from movement; this means it can become addicting after time. The party never ends until we quit-no one likes quitting though so the party can't stop!
6. The festival has its own language and lifestyle
Once someone attends a few different raves or music festivals, they begin to pick up on the slang and lifestyle that exists around these events. Raves are full of ravers who do not judge each other for what they wear or how they act; instead, everyone is always looking out for one another! This makes it easy to feel like part of a community at festivals which keeps people coming back even when their friends tell them otherwise.
7. Their close friend is going for the first time
One of their close buddy who doesn't ever go to events is now attending their first music festival and they have to be there to trip sit them in case things get crazy. This means that even if they wanted to retire from raving, they can't because their friend is counting on them to be there!

So there you have it- seven real reasons why people find it hard to quit the raving lifestyle! No matter how many times someone says they're done with festivals, there's always a good chance that they'll end up back at the next one.

Do you have any other reasons why ravers find it hard to retire from attending music festivals? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jayson Vu
Jayson has been raving since 2012, attending hundreds of festivals across Australia. When he's not rocking it on the dancefloor, he's working back of house managing the festival's official market & merchandise stalls.
  • Dec 22, 2021
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