Futuristic Lights - Dome Diffusers

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Futuristic Lights Dome Diffusers: Unlock the Full Potential of Your LED Gloves

Unleash the full potential of your LED light gloves with Futuristic Lights Dome Diffusers, designed to create mesmerizing trails that appear larger and brighter than ever before.

Lightweight with Uniform Diffusion

Crafted from premium white Polycarbonate, our Dome Diffusers provide a uniform diffusion of light for an incredible visual effect. Their ultra-lightweight design, ranging from 0.4 g to 1.0 g, ensures a secure and comfortable fit on any microlight, allowing you to focus on your show.

Variety of Sizes and Customization

Our Dome Diffusers are available in three sizes - small, medium, and large - to cater to your unique gloving style. Choose the perfect size for you, or mix and match for added creativity. Each pack contains 10 pieces, giving you the flexibility to fully customize your LED light gloves.

High-Quality, Consistent Look & Feel

Beyond functionality, our Dome Diffusers boast a high-quality, low layer height printing process. The result is a smooth and consistent look and feel, enhancing the overall quality and aesthetic of our diffusers for your light shows.

Key Features:

  • Three size options: Small (12 mm), Medium (14 mm), Large (18 mm)
  • Premium white Polycarbonate material for consistent light diffusion
  • Ultra-lightweight design: Small (0.4 g), Medium (0.6 g), Large (1.0 g)
  • Universally compatible with any microlight featuring a standard 5 mm LED
  • 10 pieces per pack for ample customization options
  • High-quality, low layer height printing for a more sleek look & feel

Upgrade your light show with Futuristic Lights Dome Diffusers, and let your performance shine like never before!