Futuristic Lights - Iris Diffusers

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Elevate your gloving to the next level with the new Iris Diffuser from Futuristic Lights.

The Iris Diffuser is an evolution of the classic dome diffuser. The design is inspired by the appearance of an iris and adds a new dynamic layer to your light shows.

Iris Diffuser in action

Designed with the glover in mind, the Iris Diffuser seamlessly integrates with your existing color sets without overshadowing them.

How does it work?

When the LED displays red light, the entire diffuser appears uniformly red, making the iris effectively invisible. When displaying other colors (like green or blue), the iris absorbs these colors, appearing almost black. This creates a dynamic visual effect as the diffuser changes appearance based on the LED's color settings.

Key Features:

  • Three size options: Medium (14 mm), Large (18 mm)
  • Premium Polycarbonate material for consistent light diffusion
  • Ultra-lightweight design: Medium (0.6 g), Large (1.0 g)
  • Universally compatible with any microlight featuring a standard 5 mm LED
  • 10 pieces per pack for ample customization options
  • High-quality, low layer height printing for a sleek look & feel