Futuristic Lights Ion LED Light Gloves (PRE-ORDER)

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PRE-ORDER: Limited stock available, preorders will be ship out by 30th June.

With every new glove set made, Futuristic Lights pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Introducing the Ion Glove Set, a groundbreaking fusion of art, technology, and intuitive design that will redefine the world of gloving and light shows. With cutting-edge features like chip-to-chip wireless communication and the game-changing Randomizer, the Ions serve as your ultimate companion to express yourself like never before. 


Revolutionary Color Randomizer

Chip to Chip Wireless Communication (C2C)

Demo Loop (Lights will cycle through all modes)

38 Colors

True Brightness Control

8 Flashing Patterns (Modes)

8 Colors Per Mode

Battery Lock

Conjure Mode

Demo View

Factory Reset

Unlock the Power of Chip-to-Chip Wireless Communication

Say goodbye to the days of manually programming each light! With the Ion Glove Set's Chip to Chip Wireless Communication (C2C), you can easily transfer all your custom settings from one of your Ions to the rest of your lights in just a few seconds!

Discover Endless Color Combinations with the Randomizer

Tired of spending hours trying to create the perfect color set for your light show? Say hello to the Randomizer! This innovative feature lets you effortlessly generate stunning color sets for any of the 8 Flashing Patterns with just a click of a button. Not feeling the first color set? Simply keep clicking until you find a pallet you truly love! And the best part? Once you've found the perfect combination, easily transfer your new set to the rest of your lights using Chip to Chip Communication. Creating new color sets has never been this easy and fun!

Flashing Patterns (Modes)

Our Ion Glove Set boasts 8 customizable modes, including Strobe, Dops, Strobie, Hyperstrobe, Sandbox, Dash Dop, Burst, and Fusion. Whether you're into flow, tech, impacts, liquid, tutting, conjuring, or digits, there's a mode for every style, waiting to be explored.

Ion LED Gloves Flashing Patterns

38 Vivid Colors, at Your Fingertips

Ion LED Light Gloves

Easy to Use, Yet Powerful

Mastering the art of gloving has never been easier. The Ion LED Gloves' simple yet powerful interface makes programming and customizing your gloves a breeze. With detailed instructions and comprehensive features, you'll be creating awe-inspiring light shows in no time.

Your Going To Love Them ❤️

The Ions were built for all different types of flow. Whether you're just starting out as a Glover, or an expert Orbiter, you will fall in love with these lights! 

What's In The Box?!

10x Ion chips

10x FL Casings 

20x CR1225 Batteries (Each Ion uses 2 batteries, not one!)

10x Diffusers 

1x Medium Pair Of Premium FL Magic Stretch Gloves

1x Instruction Manual

The Ions use CR1225 coin cell batteries