PARACOSMIC PVC Foldable Hand Fan

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Are you ready to bring the drama wherever you go? Welcome to PARACOSMIC, with our PVC Foldable Hand Fan you'll make a statement quite as big as your style! Specially designed for all occasions, it's light and impossibly chic. Get it for raves, festivals, circuit parties and so much more! Not only does this fan look sleek, but it is also made from high quality bamboo and PVC fabric – held together by a rigid rivet – so it can last even in the wildest of environments. But wait there's more! Each fan comes with a black velvet bag to keep your fan safe in your pocket or backpack.

The size is truly impressive, at 33cm length, you will really stand out from the crowd. Plus its weight won't burden you down! If you want something daring and different to wear on special occasions or simply stylishly stay cool during these hot summer days, this folding hand fan is what you need! Stop worrying about heatwaves and start embracing an iridescent fashion statement like no other. Grab your PARACOSMIC PVC Foldable Hand Fan today and let all eyes be on you – whoever said staying cool isn't stylish?!