PARACOSMIC Astrobeats Filtered Ear Plugs

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Party on! With PARACOSMIC Astrobeats Filtered Ear Plugs, you don't have to choose between protecting your hearing and having an amazing time. Our ear plugs reduce sound levels by 18 dB without sacrificing the thumpin' bass you need to go wild. Plus - get a FREE Metal Capsule Keyring with every order for extra convenience when it's time to hit the club.

Our soft silicone ear plugs are comfortable, reliable and reusable - what more could you ask for? And thanks to their double flanges, you can still hear enough of your friend's hilarious banter, so no one needs to miss out on the fun. Stop living life in fear of long-term damage from excessive noise and embrace PARACOSMIC Astrobeats Filtered Ear Plugs for worry-free clubbing at all your favorite music festivals. It's time to party with peace of mind!
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