Tiger Balm Nasal Inhaler

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It's a festival day, and you're surrounded by your friends and the music that brings you to life. As the hours go by and the sun beats down relentlessly, your energy starts to flag as your sinuses become congested from all the dust in the air. What can you do?

The Tiger Balm Inhaler is here to save the day! This unique inhaler is made with a secret blend of menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, and borneol – all under the same trusty brand of Tiger Balm that has been bringing relief for over 100 years. A few breaths of this specialized blend gives a refreshing feeling like no other. It provides relief for nasal congestion and boosts your energy so you can keep going without missing a beat! And if you need an extra dose of relief, just unscrew the bottom of it and dab some oil directly onto your skin. You’ll be feeling revitalized in no time!

Don’t miss out on another minute of enjoyment! Grab yourself some Tiger Balm Inhaler before your next music event and feel energised throughout the entire day. Trust us: it’ll be more than worth it!